The Ecofeed Project is designed in 6 project phases:


  1. Management

The activities of this action concerns the general management of the project, administrative and financial management, management of the legal aspects, verifying the achievement of the targets with the respect of the timetable, the quality of the deliverables (reports) and the management of the communication among the partners and between the partnerts and the various stakeholders involved in the project activities.


  1. Set-up of Eco-efficient System feed

This phase or work package include and describe design of the system, optimization and standardization, environmental monitoring and study if the life cycle products. Additionally subcontracts and equipments and infrastructures purchases. The task to carry out will be:


  • Demonstrative pilot project application
  • Optimization and standardization of system
  • Life-cycle assessment study
  • Ecological evolution of the environment


  1. Demostration of the Ecofeed System benefits

The aim of this work package is demonstrate with tangible data the environmental and economic benefits of implant the Ecofeed system in an offshore fish farm. The tasks are: evaluation of environmental sustainability, economic evaluation and cost benefit analysis.

  1. Replicability and diffusion

The main aim of this work package is the replication of the system and the diffusion focused to the commercialization and replicability of the system. For this reason a three task will take charge of edit diffusion material, like demonstrative videos, guides and simulations, organize an international demonstrative workshop to show the system to the aquaculture community and replication of the action in a other fish farm.


  1. Business Plan and Explotation

This work package is elaborated with the aim to commercialize the Ecofeed system, where the roadmap for explotation system is indicated. Different tasks are elaborated about the market analysis, where the system may be instaleed, kind of potential costumers or market barriers analysis commercialization. With data a business plan and patent study will be elaborated.


  1. Common Dissemination activities


The work package covers resources to contribute, upon request by the EACI, to common dissemination activities and a final evaluation with the aim to increase synergies between projects supported by the ecoinnovation initiative and to increase their visibility. In addition, includes project specific dissemination activities such as preparation of scientific papers to specialized journals and the creation and updating of a website.


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