The ECOFEED Project has been carried out for three companies.

ECOS Estudios Ambientales y Oceanografía S.L. (Environmental Studies and Oceanography) is a consultant specialized in the marine environment.


Founded in 2007 by two researchers from the Canarian Institute of Marine Sciences has carried out their activity focused to minimize the environmental impacts in the marine environment.


In this sense, ECOS have carried out a large numbers of project about aquaculture, “Establish bioindicators for monitoring programs in aquaculture offshore”, “Multitrophic culture in aquaculture offshore”, “Use of artificial reefs to minimize the pollution from fish farm” or “Scope of organic waste from fish farming cages through the analysis of the isotopic signal”, also ECOS has carried out the monitoring programs the various Fish Farming located in the Canary Islands, so that has a long-time range of data to evaluate better the environmental benefits of the ECOFEED System.

In addition, the ECOS founders have experience managing National and European projects when they were part of Canarian Institute of Marine Science.

Besmar Aquaculture S.L. is a company founded in 2004, but it has more than 25 years of production experience (20 years in executive level medium and high) and 10 years of experience in sales and marketing in different countries (Japan, USA and Europe) always working in the aquaculture sector.


Among the services that specializes highlights seeking offshore

areas for crops, Business Consulting Services, Project Management, Risk Assessment, installation testing, troubleshooting, commercial Coordination or Market positioning.

Their knowledge of the aquaculture sector makes perfectly know the needs and requirements of producers, innovation is one of the cornerstones on which is based the search for new solutions.


Interaqua Canarias is a newly established company dedicated to the aquaculture sector. Specifically, it is a fattening farm organic seabass for human consumption, buying 2g fry feeds to their commercial size (serving, double serving).


For the development of its business includes technology developed by its promoters over 25 years’ experience in Aquaculture. Company incorporated and managed by three professionals with extensive international experience in all aspects of the same business. Total commitment of partners working with six years prior capital plus 0.6 M € is demonstrated. They have obtained the largest aquaculture concession of Spain with a capacity of 2,800 tons.