Environmental Results

To evaluate the environmental differences between the ECOFEED System and traditional feeding a BACI (Before-After-Control-Impact) (Underwood, 1992).

The monitoring design started Before to implement the ECOFEED System, in 4 sample points, under 2 fish cages, and 2 controls, one of them favorable sea currents, and the other one, against the sea current.

The descriptors used were related with water quality, sediment quality and benthic communities impact during 4 samples times, (T0, T6, T12, T18). Moreover, a continuous monitoring during several feeding process were carried out, sampling fishes behavior and pellets sedimentation tax.

The results showed a better response of the sediment quality and benthic communities under the fish cage with floating feed, that under the fish cage using traditional feeding.

Economic Results

A initial approximation of economic results, showed a more efficiency of the floating feed, due to less feeding quantity was lost.